Calories vary from cocktail to cocktail.

  • Paloma: 185 calories
  • Margarita: 188 calories
  • Cosmo: 231 calories
  • Greyhound: 219 calories
  • Moscow Mule: 241 calories

Whether it’s a planned gathering or an impromptu hang, a case of Cosmos or a pack of Palomas always lights up the room. Check out our Product Locator to find Joia Spirit nearest you.

Our lineup of 5 refreshing cocktails is perfect for all of life’s joyful moments. We kept some familiar favorites like Cosmo, Moscow Mule, and Greyhound plus, we added a more delicious Margarita and a juicy new Paloma. They’re ready to go wherever and however you choose!

Yes, Joia Spirit craft cocktails are sparkling!

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